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    Keep your phone safe. Top 9 free antivirus for android.

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    Hello friends,
            Today we are here to have a look at the top 5 best antivirus tools available on the Play Store. 

    Digitalization is a boon of science, but there are also so many malicious cracks to break your security. So it's our responsibility to keep our smartphones and Private data safe. Always keep an anti-virus into your smartphone. Here is the list of top 5 antiviruses available on the Play Store.

    Important features:-
    >Complete antivirus protection. 
    >Scheduled scanning to detect malware, keyloggers, and fake apps. 
    >It will Boost Your smartphone performance, 
    >It also has AppLock facility to keep your App secure from wrong fingers. 
    >Anti-theft to keep your phone safe in case someone has stolen your phone. 
    >Web security to block all types of infected websites. 
    >Parental Control for block infected website permanently.
    >Safe pay will secure your financial transaction. 
    >Battery saver to kill all unnecessary power consuming app. 
    >Remote device management will let you access some important features when you cannot reach your device at the moment. 
    >WI-FI security detects and Secure Wi-Fi to keep your private file secure. 
    >Capture Intruder to take a snapshot of anyone who will keep his finger inside your smartphone without your permission. 

    Download it from play store https://play.google.com/store/.quickheal/

    Installation guide. 
    >Accept the license. 
    >Continue giving all permission it will pop up. 
    >Continue with free. (You can buy premium too).
    >Grant accessibility. 
    >Complete your first scan.
    Explore it out to use its all functionality.


    Important features:- 
    >VPN will hide your online activities. 
    >Antivirus engine to scan viruses. 
    >App Insight will track your battery consumption separately by all apps. 
    >Junk cleaner to clean out unnecessary data, cache, thumbnails, etc. 
    >Photo vault to secure your photos with pin or password. 
    >Call Blocker will stop all unwanted calls. 
    >Web Shield to block infected websites. 
    >WI-FI security to check the security of public Wi-Fi. 

    Download it from play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/Avast/

    Installation guide. 
    >Get start. 
    >Continue with ads. (You can buy premium version too). 
    >Complete your first scan. 
    Explore it out to use it's all functionality.


    Important features:- 
    >This dual-engine antivirus will remove all malicious content from your smartphone. 
    >It will scan your all websites completely. 
    >Encrypt your Wi-Fi network. 
    >Made to kill unwanted background running apps. 
    >Wipeout unnecessary files 100%. 
    >It will check your download and upload speed of Wi-Fi. 
    >Anti-theft to protect your device to be stolen. 
    >Vault protection for hiding all of your private photos. 
    >Call Blocker will protect you from spammers & fake calls. 
    >You can also monitor how you are spending your time over the internet our mobile. 

    Download it from play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/Avg/

    Installation guide. 
    >Get start. 
    >Continue with ads. (You can buy premium version too). 
    >Complete your first scan. 
    Explorer it out to use it's all functionality.

    Important features:- 
    >It will provide us free VPN connection to unblock websites. 
    >Detect virus and all types of malware through its scan. 
    >It protects your smartphone again from any type of malicious file and hackers and malware. >Reduce battery draining and cool down your smartphone, And resolve it
    >Optimise your smartphone and keep its function smooth. 
    >AppLock feature to keep all your private app secure even if setting Bluetooth, incoming call, outgoing call, Wi-Fi setting, etc 
    >Notification the cleaner will clean your notifications silently and keep your phone safe. 

    Installation guide:-
    >Discover and follow the guide.
    >Complete your first scan & resolve it.
    Explorer it out to use its all functionality. 

    Important features. 
    >Autopilot will guide you about Deep security. 
    >Virus scan will scan your hundred percent smartphone automatically for any type of malicious. 
    >Google account privacy (special). You can check whether your email is safe or not have been leaked anytime. 
    >Smart unlock will let your access to a trusted Wi-Fi connection. 
    >Mean Timeout while 30sec  if anyone inter 5 times wrong password. 
    >Web protection to protect your smartphone from fake and miscellaneous websites. 
    >Anti theft protection to protect your phone at the cost of stealing. 
    >Snapshot for them who tries the wrong password. It will take a snapshot of them. 
    >Wear on is for alarm your phone in case it lost anywhere.

     Download it from play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/Bitdefenter

    Installation guide:-
    >Get start
    >Skip the tutorial
    >Complete your first scan.
    Explore it out to use its all functionality.

    6. 360 Security - Antivirus booster & Phone cleaner.

    Important features.

    >Full secure antivirus.
    > It ll clean all junk files and keeps your phone clean.
    > its speed booster feature will let you boost your Phone amazingly.
    > Its AI function ll optimize your phone when it is locked.
    > Its multi-function lock screen will provide you HD wallpaper, Manage notification, Overcharge alarm & Local weather status update.
    >It ll also Filter spam calls and make you alert.
    > Comes with Fingerprint security support & additional file manager tool.

    Download it from play store https://play.google.com/storesecurity

    7. Kaspersky mobile antivirus: App lock & Web security

    Important features

    > A complete antivirus protection.
    > Real-time scanning to check virus, Malware, Spams in Background.
    > You can locate your lost smartphone any time with its Find My Phone functionality.
    > Anti-theft to protect your personal information in case your phone is missing.
    > Inbuilt app locker to lock your private apps or system apps as well.
    > it ll protect your smartphone from any type of phishing scam.
    > It ll filter infected websites and Block them access your smartphone.

    Download it from play store    https://play.google.com/store/com.kms.free

    8.  McAfee: Mobile security: VPN & Anti-theft.

    Important features:

    > 256- Bit bank-grade VPN encryption To protect your smartphone from any online spam,
    > Antispyware to keep your smartphone safe from hackers.
    > Phone cleaner
    > Find phone service with map location functionality.
    > Battery booster to keep your battery healthy.
    > Wi-Fi Scanner to protect your phone form spoofing.
    > Widget, which ll notify you if any issue found. you can directly fix it by a single tap.

    Download it from the play store.   https://play.google.com/store/wsandroid.suite

    9.   Avira antivirus: Virus cleaner, scanner & App locker,

    Important features:

    > Full antivirus protection to scan your applications, storage.
    > Anti-spam to keep your smartphone data safe from black caps.
    > Full anti-theft system to locate your lost device and protect your smartphone remotely.
    > Protect your from spammers by blocking unwanted contacts from specific no.
    > A Complete web protection tool to keep your smartphone out of infected websites.

    Download it from play store:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/avira.android


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