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    Top 9 Best Android Music Player of all the time.

    Hello friends,

    This post is dedicated to them who really wanna experience some advanced features while listening to music. When we explore Play-store, we get a Huge collection of music players. As we know our smartphone also comes with a default music player. Google music is also one of them. But some times we need a little bit more customization with equalizer & interface in it to experience a new form of music. After looking at this post I am sure you 'll be able to decide the best suitable Alternative music player suitable for you. All the below apps are free to use and you can directly download it from the play store from the given link below.

    1. Pulsar Music player

    One of the best Music player of all the time. Its ultimate interface and awesome key features make this app ultra-enhanced & very easy to use. You can directly play your audio offline and also completely free of advertisements. You 'll get every single feature you need during listening to your music. You can also customize its home screen widgets, Sleep time, 5 band equalizer, bass booster & also gapless playback.




    2. Musicolet Music Player

    Playstore download linkhttps://play.google.com/musicolet&hl=en

    This app will be the best alternative music player for your android. Keep in mind, This app does not contain any online music streaming or downloading facilities. But this app is one of the best third-party music players which play all the kinds of music which you already downloaded on your smartphone. Musicolet is very simple and light to use. You 'll get all essential music listening features like you can create up to 20 Queues, Tag editor, Move/copy or rename your songs directly through your app, Folder browsing, Earphone control, Lockscreen control, Dark theme and many more.


    3. n7player

    This 10-band equalizer containing app will allow you to customize your own preset to enjoy your desired music in high quality. It 'll provide you the whole library in a friendly and intuitive way. You can also get the entire library with all the details like the album, arts, lyrics. Etc. It supports all files like mp3, mp4, m4a, Ogg, Wav,3gp, mid,xmf, aac, etc. you can also select more suitable skin, widget, music visualize & lock screen.


    4. Pi Music Player

    You can also perform some basic editing on this app. One of the most popular music player which also allows you to share & edit your music. You can Listen over millions of youtube music videos and add them to your own playlists, You can also perform multitask after activating Floating widget & ringtone cutter, this friendly app supports Power saver mode that allows you to optimize your battery usage, you can also enjoy four magnification themes with 5-band equalizer and a lot of more.


    5. Media monkey.

    Interface matters! This app is completely free so you 'll never be going to see any ads in it. It makes many advanced features easy to use. You can also perform a lot of navigating functionality & also this app can play any audio file formate. This app comes with a lot of cool functionality like Genre=Rock support, sleep timer, widget for lock screen, full library search, etc. You can also spend a little to get a bunch of extra advanced features.


    6. Phonograph music player.

    The best thing about this app is its dynamic color. It changes dynamically to match the color of the main content. It 'll provide you an enhanced, simple & clean interface. You 'll be given a lot of much other functionality like creating or editing playlist, Homescreen widget & Lockscreen playback controls. You can also edit your tags so easily of your favorite artist, album. Its AI-functionality will automatically download all the required missing album for you like images, Biography of your desired artist.


    7. Amazon Music

    Amazon always makes its users surprise. This app will give you access to about 50 million songs in full ultra HD. By the way, this app is Paid But you can use it's 30 Days free trial. It ll gives you complete Ad-free & offline listening.


    8. Musixmatch

    This app was developed in 2010. Here you 'll get a vast collection of songs & also get instantly synchronized for youtube, Spotify, etc. here you ll a free-floating feature to get lyrics of current playing tracks. This app can also help you to perform an immediate search of any song playing around you. The most popular feature of this app is lyrics recognization, which not only allows you to listen but also sing along with it.


    9. Spotify

    This app was developed in 2008. It Provides us DRM-protected music and podcasts. Here you 'll explore a huge world of songs totally free. Here you can discover any of your favorite songs immediately according to your mood and activities. This app has also lacked some features like you can not browse your kinds of music library which is already present on your phone. But you can Brouse music by your Library, By Playlist,  By artist & also by album.


    Each app has its own quality and feature. You can select any one of the above which is more suitable for your listening style and experience.

    Thank you,

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